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Stone Sealer

ProtectGuard: a unique water based, oil and water repellent.
Suitable for inside and outside use on:

- Natural Stone: Limestone, Marble, Sandstones, Slate
- Mortars
- Reconstituted & Composite Stone
- Architectural Concretes
- Mineral Tiles & Terracotta
- Mineral Coatings
- Brick
- Render
- Prefabricated Cement Flagstones
- Inter-locking Paving Stones
- Asphalts, Bitumen
- Concrete, Slate & Clay Roof Tiles

An impregnating sealer, NOT a coating.  For vertical & horizontal surfaces. ProtectGuard is ideal:

Externally for

- News Buildings - Period Buildings - Repaired Facades
- Historic Monuments
- Statues
- Pedestrian Areas
- Carpark Floors
- Petrol Forecourts
- Roofs - Terraces - Balconies - Patios - Driveways
- Swimming Pool Surrounds - Barbecue Areas

Internally for

- Natural Stone: Stairs - Floors
- Fireplace Surrounds
- Kitchen Worktops
- Porous Tiles
- Tiling Joints
- Shower Rooms

ProtectGuard Key Attributes:

Invisible when dry, no changes in surface colour, aesthetics or appearance.
Quick dry in 20-90 minutes, depending on the surface type, temperature & humidity.  The maximum effectiveness is achieved within seven days.
Permeable to air and water vapour.
Ready to use & easy to apply with a low-pressure spray, roller or brush ‘wet-on-wet’ until saturation is achieved.  In preventing the ingress of water, damaging effects of both frost and humidity are prevented.
Equipment can be easily cleaned with water
Non-toxic, Silicon and Solvent free, no need to mask glass, plastic and sensitive plants adjacent to areas of application.
Non-hazardous & environmentally friendly - >95% biodegradable in accordance with OCDE standards

ProtectGuard is multi-functional.
Prevents major causes of surface degradation:

Water ingress. Natural porosity is the main cause of water penetration, which in turn causes: degradation; erosion; staining; growth of moss, lichen, fungi and algae.
Pollution (industrial emissions and particles, car exhaust, acid rain) attacks & degrade building materials in addition to making them dirty.
Graffiti. Prevents the penetration of graffiti ink and paint pigments on porous surfaces. A medium pressure Powerwash (60-80 bar) at 25-90 C is a low cost, simple and quick means to remove Graffiti.
Chewing Gum and Oil & Fuel Spills.  These penetrate, stain and ruin a surface appearance.  A surface treated with ProtectGuard becomes self-cleaning, where rain can wash away most soiling.


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