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Protect Guard  

PROTECTGUARD - Oil and Water Repellent

To cure the main degradation causes.

Protect Guard


1 Litre €30.60 +vat

5 Litre €124.70 +vat

Free Delivery to Ireland and UK.


Free delivery based on weight up to 10 kg if your order exceeds this we will contact you.


A materials natural porosity is the main cause of water infiltration which in turn causes :
- degradation
- erosion
- stains
- growth of micro organisms (moss, lichen, fungi, algae etc)

ProtectGuard treatment is achieved by impregnation to the point of saturation so that ProtectGuard gets deep into a material’s pores, thus making it water repellent. In preventing the ingress of water, ProtectGuard removes the damaging effects of both frost and humidity.

Pollution (industrial emissions and particles, car exhaust, acid rains…) attacks building materials making it dirty and above all causing its degradation..

ProtectGuard, due to its water and oil repellent characteristics, easily prevents all these problems. ProtectGuard treatment prevents dirtiness, staining and ensures the longevity and quality of building renovations.

Oil and fuel stains penetrate, stick to the floors and modify a floors’ aspect.

ProtectGuard treatment is recommended for the protection of a pavement in pedestrian areas, sidewalks, parking, etc.
Oil stains no longer penetrate or sticks to a surface, and neither does chewing gum, which can easily be removed.
A material treated with ProtectGuard becomes almost self-cleaning: where rain removes most stains

The graffiti issue.

Protect Guard

Today, the proliferation of graffiti can be considered the likely first cause of a facades aesthetical damage. In particular, new buildings or recently renovated should be protected as soon as possible.

Preventative treatment with ProtectGuard will stop the ink and paint pigments penetrating the porous material.
A wash at “medium pressure powerwash” is generally sufficient for the graffiti‘s removal to be simple, quick and at low cost.

Protect all the porous building materials.

Protect Guard

ProtectGuard is a unique water and oil repellent product for floors, walls, and roofs. It is recommended to use inside and outside without any restriction on these materials:

  • Natural stones: limestones (Saint-Vaast stones, Bourgogne lava, tuffeau, comblanchiens,…), marble stones, sandstones, slates.

  • Reconstituted and composite stones

  • Tiles and all the terra cotta

  • Architectural concretes

  • Prefabricated cement flagstones, auto blocking paving stones

  • Mineral coatings, mortars (MPC)

  • Asphalts, bitumen…

Paris, Champs-Élysées, siège social du CCF
(protection réalisée en 1997)

A completely invisible protection.

ProtectGuard modifies neither the materials structure nor its colour. On the contrary, the clean and new surface aspect lasts longer.

4. Easy to use.

Protect Guard
Rue Sainte-Catherine à Bordeaux.
Protection réalisée par
l’applicateur agréé ACTION-NET
en l’an 2000

ProtectGuard is ready to use and doesn’t need precautions before and after its use. On clean and prepared materials, the ProtectGuard treatment can be preferably applied with a low-pressure spray, roller or brush by impregnation until the saturation is achieved. The material is cleaned with water. The efficiency achieves its maximum effectiveness after seven days. ProtectGuard represents the best solution to protect :

  • Outside

  • New buildings

  • Old, renovated buildings

  • Repaired facades.

  • Historic monuments

  • Pedestrian areas, sidewalks…

  • Parking areas, petrol forecourts

  • Roofs, terraces, balconies

  • Swimming pool and barbecue areas

  • Inside

  • Stairs, floors…

  • Fireplace surrounds

  • Kitchen worktops

  • Tilling joints…



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