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Hotel Kilmore & Fernhill Stone - Finding the right stone for that special day
Tuesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding at Hotel Kilmore - Stone Cladding by Fernhill StoneHosting over 100 weddings per year, proprietors of Hotel Kilmore in county Cavan have said that finding the right stone was important to them when it came to renovating the exterior of their hotel bedroom block.

Situated just five minutes from Cavan town on the main Dublin to Cavan road, Hotel Kilmore prides itself on being the perfect blend between Ďold world charm and new world elegance.í Having invested in refurbishing the interior of their hotel over the past three years, manager Ross Mealiff and his wife Kate were soon to realise during that time that the exterior of their hotel was just as important.

Like many of Irelandís hotels that were built in the 1970ís, Hotel Kilmoreís bedroom block looked dated and needed a revamp. The bedroom block was a long stretch of building and didnít have much character to it. The owners had painted it previously in two shades and it hadnít really done anything to highlight the building.

"The work that had gone into the interior refurbishment of the hotel was lost really, and this was due to the unpleasing sight of the exterior part of the hotel," said Ross Mealiff, manager, Hotel Kilmore. "It was old and bland and given they type of events we cater for, such as weddings, we wanted a more aesthetically pleasing building, especially for photographs that our guests would take on the grounds and in the front of the building."

Despite tough economic times, Ross and Kate decided to go ahead and invest more in their hotel. Careful consideration was given to the whole exterior of the hotel and at first, Ross and Kate thought they would need new stone for the whole hotel and were prepared to spend up to double than they actually did.

Hotel Kilmore Building Block - Stone Cladding by Fernhill StoneNot knowing what their options were initially for the exterior part of their hotel bedroom block, or how well they could work with the budget that they had in mind, they approached Fernhill Stone, Irelandís stone cladding specialist and provider, to seek advice. With the help of Fernhill Stone, they first looked at their building and thought about what could be done to improve it. Fernhill Stone gave options and advice on stone cladding and products were chosen based on suitability and lighting. Alpine Harvest was the chosen stone. It has quite a jagged profile and together with new lighting at the grounds of the hotel, it has given a whole new perspective to the building.

"Products were chosen on the clients preference, along with our guidance," said Meredith Jackson, managing director, Fernhill Stone. "Ross and Kate wanted a fairly modern stone with a good range of colour in it. Our range of Alpines, Profits and Highlands stones all suited the hotel bedroom block but Alpine was the chosen stone in the end, based on its rugged texture. This particular stone has helped to give the building a Ďwow factorí and has a more natural look to it. The building really looks fabulous now in daylight and in particular, in the evenings with the hotel lighting on it."

"Fernhill Stone is a company that really delivered for us," said Ross Mealiff, manager, Hotel Kilmore. "The team was great to work with and has given the bedroom block of our hotel a total facelift, yet managed to keep to its original structure. Itís amazing just exactly what can be done on a budget and people donít realise how well stone products can be mixed and put together to match the architecture of a building as well as its natural environment and surroundings. Everyone is talking about the front of our hotel now and how you can see it more from the road."

Ross added, "Working with Fernhill Stone has been most beneficial also in that we made improvements that were needed; yet we didnít go overboard on change. Budget-wise, we certainly didnít go overboard and the personal service and expert advice we received from Fernhill Stone was so good that we managed to save money and not end up spending more than we needed to. From a sales point, given the times we are living in, Fernhill Stone really had our best interest at heart and delivered for us just perfectly for the needs of Hotel Kilmore."

The stone cladding fitting by Fernhill Stone took place within two weeks and that included scaffolding being put up and down during the same period. The natural surroundings of the hotel and landscaping were not disrupted and Fernhill Stone worked well around Ross and Kate's busy schedule. Convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness and excellent workmanship were prerequisites for Ross and Kate, and they were very pleased that Fernhill Stone delivered.

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