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Innovative Stone set for European Launch at Ecobuild Show 2013

March 5th -7th, 2013

Versetta Stone

Boral, the leading manufacturer of building materials, will demonstrate it’s revolutionary new stone veneer product, Versetta Stone, for the first time in Europe at the Ecobuild Show, in the ExCel, London from 5th – 7th March.

Versetta Stone is a uniquely designed stone cladding product, which comes in panels and is fixed to a wall using nails, instead of traditionally using mortar. It is nonstructural, cement-based, manufactured stone-cladding that delivers the authentic finish of traditional stone masonry without the excess cost and installation time.

In keeping with the theme of the EcoBuild Show, sustainability is at the core of the Boral ethos and their innovative new product, Versetta Stone, is made from a minimum of 50% recycled content.

Versetta Panel

Versetta Stone can be used for renovations, decorations or new constructions in a variety of interior or exterior wall applications. It enables a faster, cleaner installation and there is no need to paint, coat or seal the finished product, as it is designed to withstand freezes, thaws, wind and heat.

Leading European supplier of Boral products, Fernhill Stone will be in attendance to demonstrate just how easy the product is to install. Fernhill Stone have over 20 years combined experience working exclusively with stone cladding and CEO Meredith Jackson is excited to be the first in Europe to be able to offer the Versetta Stone product, which comes in six different colours. “This is a fantastic new product for us to bring to the market. It is the same excellent quality as we come to expect, we’re just making it even easier for our end users to have beautifully, elegant homes through a simple, clean installation.”

Come and see the Versetta Stone range at the Boral stand at the Ecobuild Show.

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Constructing a Celtic dream: Young couple's dream set in stone....

Constructing a Celtic dream: Young couple's dream set in stone.... What was once an empty field of grass and rushes in the small Scottish village of Kilmore, near Oban in Argyll, now lies five thatched holiday cottages that have been carefully constructed to emulate a small Celtic settlement.
Clan Cottages are a dream come true for owners John and Mary MacKinnon. Having acquired five acres of land in 1995 on an idyllic site in Kilmore on the shores of Loch Nell, the couple settled there, have three children and in 2007, turned what was a postcard picture into a reality, with the help of Fernhill Stone.

“I was made redundant many years ago, and at the time I was studying horticulture in the evenings, said John MacKinnon. “Like many people who have now lost their jobs in the recession, I had to pick myself up and look at new possibilities. After setting up a nursery business and expanding it with the help of my family, we became interested in Scottish Clans. One thing led to another and after discovering an old postcard showing thatched fishing cottages on the shores of Barra where my father had been brought up, we dreamt of building cottages on our site in Kilmore. After much consideration, we decided to look at possibilities and began the search for the right stone in order to turn our dream into a reality.”

Creating a specific country yet Celtic look was important for the couple and they set out by looking at and pricing stone from a local quarry. However, after seeing samples of products by Fernhill Stone, a specialist in stone cladding, they were so impressed with the wide range of stone cladding products available and how natural the stone products looked. They decided to build their cottages with cement blocks and complete the build with stone cladding.

“Clan Cottages are sympathetically designed to integrate and blend with the surrounding countryside and also, to reflect the past and a way of life in the area many years ago,” said Meredith Jackson, managing director, Fernhill Stone. “The local planning department is very satisfied with our product as the stone fits so well into the natural landscape. For exterior builds, stone cladding must work well with the original build as well as deliver for aesthetics. We are very pleased to have been able to help bring about these wonderfully quaint and very picturesque set of cottages on the MacKinnon’s five acre holding.”

Stone cladding for the five cottages was installed by local builders who had never worked with Fernhill Stone before and they were particularly pleased at how easy installation of the stone was. Allowing a year to get the cottages built, the couple was delighted with the quick and easy installation of Fernhill Stone’s product and it meant that the cottages were built in ten months.

Clan Cottages are family-run holiday cottages that appeal to visitors from home and abroad. They are the first thatched cottages to have been built in the area for over one hundred years and are therefore that extra bit special. For that reason alone, products had to be chosen that would wear well and the couple say that the product Course Weather Edge Monaghan Grey stone, which they chose from Fernhill Stone, is perfect for restoring and maintaining natural beauty in the area.

“In my experience, stone cladding is a worthwhile investment”, said John MacKinnon, owner, Clan Cottages. “Fernhill Stone has first class products that are so natural looking. They also get the thumbs up on price and ease of installation. The Fernhill Stone product was much cheaper and less labour-intensive for us than using quarry stone, which we had first considered. We are just delighted now with the end result. The stone we have on the cottages really brings them to life and you would never know that the cottages weren’t original stone builds. Fernhill Stone has helped us captivate the beauty surrounding the area, which we are so thankful for. Not only has it made a dream come true for us, the stone cladding really adds to the experience for our visitors when they come to stay in our cottages.”

The five Clan Cottages each have Clan names: MacKinnon, MacKenzie, MacDonald, MacNeil and MacDougall and they all have their own garden areas. Two of these cottages have spa baths with his-and-hers sinks and the Clan MacDonald cottage is fully equipped for wheelchair access. While the cottages are modern inside they have been constructed to emulate a small Celtic settlement. Today, the cottages attract visitors from all around the world and have been selected as one of the 50 best cottages to stay in Britain and Ireland by Vincent Crump -The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

With a 4-star rating from Visit Scotland’s Quality Assurance Scheme and a Silver Green Tourism Award, Clan Cottages are a must-see and must-stay. Clan Cottages are a blend of old and new, and a very good example of how new opportunities can be born out of difficult challenges in life - and that dreams do come true.

See how Fernhill Stone helped create the perfect look for these beautiful, idyllic holiday cottages in Kilmore, Oban by clicking here.



Finding the right stone for that special day...

Finding the right stone for that special day... Hosting over 100 weddings per year, proprietors of Hotel Kilmore in County Cavan have said that finding the right stone was important to them when it came to renovating the exterior of their hotel bedroom block.

Situated just five minutes from Cavan town, on the main Dublin to Cavan road, Hotel Kilmore prides itself on being the perfect blend between ‘old world charm and new world elegance.’ Having invested in refurbishing the interior of their hotel over the past three years, manager Ross Mealiff and his wife Kate were soon to realise during that time that the exterior of their hotel was just as important.

Like many of Ireland’s hotels that were built in the 1970’s, Hotel Kilmore’s bedroom block looked dated and needed a revamp. The bedroom block was a long stretch of building and didn’t have much character to it. The owners had painted it previously in two shades and it hadn’t really done anything to highlight the building.

"The work that had gone into the interior refurbishment of the hotel was lost really, and this was due to the unpleasing sight of the exterior part of the hotel," said Ross Mealiff, manager, Hotel Kilmore. "It was old and bland and given they type of events we cater for, such as weddings, we wanted a more aesthetically-pleasing building, especially for photographs that our guests would take on the grounds and in the front of the building."

Despite tough economic times, Ross and Kate decided to go ahead and invest more in their hotel. Careful consideration was given to the whole exterior of the hotel and, at first, Ross and Kate thought they would need new stone for the whole hotel and were prepared to spend up to double than they actually did.

Not knowing what their options were initially for the exterior part of their hotel bedroom block, or how well they could work with the budget that they had in mind, they approached Fernhill Stone, Ireland’s stone cladding specialist and provider, to seek advice. With the help of Fernhill Stone, they first looked at their building and thought about what could be done to improve it. Fernhill Stone gave options and advice on stone cladding based on suitability and lighting. Alpine Harvest was the chosen stone. It has quite a jagged profile, and together with new lighting at the grounds of the hotel, it has given a whole new perspective to the building.

"Products were chosen on the clients preference, along with our guidance," said Meredith Jackson, managing director, Fernhill Stone. "Ross and Kate wanted a fairly modern stone with a good range of colour in it. Our range of Alpines, Profits and Highlands stones all suited the hotel bedroom block but Alpine was the chosen stone in the end, based on its rugged texture. This particular stone has helped to give the building a ‘wow factor’ and has a more natural look to it. The building really looks fabulous now in daylight and, in particular, in the evenings with the hotel lighting on it."

"Fernhill Stone is a company that really delivered for us," said Ross Mealiff, manager, Hotel Kilmore. "The team was great to work with and has given the bedroom block of our hotel a total facelift, yet managed to keep to it's original structure. It’s amazing just exactly what can be done on a budget, and people don’t realise how well stone cladding products can be put together to match the architecture of a building as well as its natural environment and surroundings. Everyone is talking about the front of our hotel now and how you can see it more from the road."

Ross added, "Working with Fernhill Stone has been most beneficial also in that we made improvements that were needed; yet we didn’t go overboard on change. Budget-wise, we certainly didn’t go overboard and the personal service and expert advice we received from Fernhill Stone was so good that we managed to save money and not end up spending more than we needed to. From a sales point, given the times we are living in, Fernhill Stone really had our best interest at heart and delivered for us just perfectly for the needs of Hotel Kilmore."

The stone cladding fitting by Fernhill Stone took place within two weeks and that included scaffolding being put up and down during the same period. The natural surroundings of the hotel and landscaping were not disrupted and Fernhill Stone worked well around Ross and Kate's busy schedule. Convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness and excellent workmanship were prerequisites for Ross and Kate, and they were very pleased that Fernhill Stone delivered.
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Helping to differentiate Domino's - Fernhill Stone the choice for UK & Ireland

Helping to differentiate Domino's - Fernhill Stone the choice for UK & IrelandFernhill Stone Mathios Stone range has been chosen by Domino’s Pizza Group to play a key role in a major programme to refresh its 600 plus outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. It could eventually be used in more than 1,000 outlets if the Group reaches the ambitious expansion targets it has set for itself over the coming years.

“We have a policy of refreshing and refitting our stores every five years or so,” explains Philip Young, Project and Development Manager, Domino’s Pizza Group UK & Ireland. “This differentiates us from other food outlets. The new design will see our stores having predominantly dark brown walls in timber effect laminate board. The counter is red synthetic marble with the word ‘Domino’s’ etched into it. On one wall we will be incorporating a feature made up of the Fernhill Stone Mathios product. It gives that natural stone feel that we were looking for.”

The decision to use the Fernhill Stone product came about initially through the recommendation of the project designer. “We had a firm of designers working on the overall concept and they specified GRP imitation stone that would have been imported from Spain. We looked at the product and had some issues with it but we still wanted the stone look. One of our franchisees pointed us in the direction of Fernhill Stone and their products met all our needs.”

Fernhill Stone was chosen following a selection process that culminated in a product demonstration in a pilot store. “We had a meeting with senior management in a pilot store and Meredith Jackson from Fernhill Stone came to that with three samples on boards and the decision was made straight away to use them. Our people just had to take one look. We have done five or six stores using the Fernhill Stone products so far and we are very pleased. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Fernhill Stone and its products.”