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Interior Ideas

People are always looking for interior ideas for interior walls, ideas for bedrooms, new interior designs to get a stone wall texture to complement the interior room finish. What better way to achieve a wall decoration with a thin stone cladding or stone veneer.

Fernhill's wide range of manufactured stone veneer from Cultured Stone, Mathios Stone & Craftstone will find the stone to suit your needs.  Please click on the images below for a larger image.

Bretagne Grey/ Rusty Mix

Amber Khaki / Xeramos Brick Mix

Bretagne Grey/ Rusty Mix

Country Ledgestone - Bucks County Country Ledgestone - Bucks County Isola Gold

Coursed Weather Edge Gray

Country Ledgestone - Bucks County

Profit Ledgestone Autumn

Profit Ledgestone Mojave Alping Profit Harvest Profit Ledgestone Shale

Profit Ledgestone Mojave

Highland Rusty

Tuscany Champagne

Highland Gray Isola Gold Alamo Champagne

Bretagne Rusty with Fieldstone Gray Mix

Bretagne Grey/ Rusty Mix

Bretagne Grey/ Rusty Mix

Isola Gold Alamo Champagne Highland Gray

Highland Silver

Bretagne Rusty

Tuscany Champagne
Isola 4 Seasons Isola Gray Bretagne Grey/ Rusty Mix
Tuscany Gray Profit Ledgestone Mojave Profit Ledgestone Mojave
Coursed Weather Edge Gray Highland Gray Profit Gray
Country Ledgestone Eucalyptus Old Country Fieldstone Piedmont Isola Earth
Profit Gray Rock Face Granite Highland Gold
Highland Silver Alpine Pheasant Highland Black
Isola Gold Highland Black Mixed Stone
Alpine Pheasant Alpine Pheasant Alpine Pheasant
Country Ledgestone Bucks County
Coursed Weather Edge Gray
Profit Ledgestone Autumn
Tuscany Gray
Coursed Weather Edge Gray
Aragon Amber Aragon Amber      


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