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Q. Is it Natural Stone?

The products are cast in moulds using a technique process that replicates existing colours and textures with meticulous detail. Each colour and texture has its own blend of ingredients producing the look and feel of natural Stone.

Q. What is the life span of the stone facing?

All our products are durable, colourfast, virtually maintenance free and covered by the manufacturers 30 year limited warranty.

Q. What is the depth of the stone?

The average thickness of Fernhill Stone varies from 35mm to 75mm thick depending on the stone type and texture.

Q. How are Fernhill products sold?

The stone is sold by the square metre and each metre contains the correct mix of stone to create the desired effect. Special 90 degree corners complete the effect of full thickness stone for edges and recesses into doors and windows and wall piers and these are sold separately per linear metre. Our sales representatives in each area will call on site to measure requirements and advise on most appropriate stone and finishes to suit you. Alternatively you can submit your architect's drawings to the office for measurement.

Before sending your plan for pricing please ensure that:
1. You have included full plans and elevations with a detailed explanation of where the stone has to go on the building.
2. The drawings are to scale and that scale is given.
3. You have listed your choice of stone and how you plan to finish it at the corners and into windows and doors. Our sales representative will help you with this by advising you of the different options (or to study examples on the CD)
4. You have stated whether it is supply only or supply and fit price you require.
5. You have given your contact details should we need to clarify and points.
6. You have included an approximate start date for the project.
7. If it is a large project that is phased when we require the information from a fixing point of view.
8. Will you require delivery or do you plan to collect at our depot.

Q. Are the products difficult to apply?

We have a supply and fit price or a supply only price where we recommend a local fitter. Our products are lightweight and can be applied to any clean structurally sound surfaces. They do not require wall tiles or special foundations.
We have produced a comprehensive installation guide for your convenience.

Q. How does it compare in price to other stone choices?

It is difficult to answer this when you are not comparing like with like - it is almost like trying to price a car. Our product is so versatile and quick to apply that it dramatically cuts down the costs of special foundations; time on labour and scaffolding hire, and special sills, roof and guttering overhangs associated with full thickness natural stone.

Q. How is Fernhill Stone delivered on site?

Stone and Mortar are delivered on pallets directly to the site (please see our good installation guide for correct procedure on receiving and storing the stone).